Privacy Policy

USA pharmacy ( is proud to announce that it takes every step to ensure the data privacy of the customers. The company strictly follows the policies to protect the confidential information relation to the clients.

We do not gather data without the consent of the customers. In case of disclosure, permission is sought from the clients unless laid down by the law.

Collection of information is related to a specific objective. The organization informs the clients about the purpose before requesting data. Personal information is used only to fulfill the purpose and not for any other intent.

We own complete responsibility towards the protection of information and follow best industrial practices to secure the same. Entire sale, purchase and financial transactions are encrypted to ward off the intruders.

Collection of personal data:

Some information is extremely necessary to prescribe medications to the customers. They are as follows:

Name, age, gender, email, home address and phone number are required but the company can seek more data from the customers.

Patient history along with information related to allergies to certain drugs can help the physician to make treatment more effective.

Payment information regarding credit card and prescription are necessary to facilitate the shipment process.

Customers are completely independent to take decision pertaining to the disclosure of above mentioned information but the data is crucial for the doctors to prescribe correct medication to the patients.

Sharing of information:

Prescription data is shared with affiliates and online store to complete the order.

We share information of the customers if the required product is added to the inventory or new discounts are available with the store.

The company may have to disclose information in case of any legal dispute or existence of delinquent account conducting suspicious activities.

Security infrastructure:
We implement firewall infrastructure to block illegal access to electronic data base of the clients. Staff employed with us is not allowed unbridled access to information but are restricted according to their job profile and responsibilities.

Privacy Policy